The conference is organized by the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Universitas Negeri Jakarta (UNJ) which took place in Lumire Hotel and Convention Centre, Jakarta. The theme of this conference is Empowering Research and Education in Science and Mathematics for Global Competitiveness. We received 254 registrations and 171 accepted abstracts from different countries and different places in states of Indonesia. The participants come from 12 different countries of Australia, USA, Japan, Philippines, Nepal, Vietnam, Egypt, Malaysia, Thailand, China, Ghana, and Nigeria. The speakers come from 7 countries of Indonesia, Australia, German, Egypt, Singapore, Philippines, and Malaysia. We also have received papers from on various topic on mathematics and science, and its application. I hope that the participants of SMIC conference and workshop will find the presentations, discussions, and deliberations on varieties of areas of mathematics and science and its applications interesting and useful. We also hope that this conference will be able to generate more new ideas on further development of theory and applications of research that would further enhance the quality of science and mathematics research, teaching and learning. I wish all the participants a beneficial, fulfilling and enlightening conference.

The conference took place from 2-4 November 2018, starting with the one-day workshops on 2 November by presenting 3 facilitators:

  1. Elisabeth Taylor (Value and Character Teaching-Edith Cowan University, Australia)
  2. Rachel Sheffield (STEM, Curtin University, Australia)
  3. Rekha Koul (Learning Environment Research, Curtin University, Australia).



The conference plenary sessions presenting the outstanding keynote speakers:

  1. Intan Ahmad, Ph.D (UNJ, ITB, Ministry of Research, Technology, and Higher Education, Indonesia)
  2. Berinderjeet Kaur, Ph.D (NIE Singapore)
  3. Dr. Russell Tytler (Deakin University, Australia)
  4. Dr Akrajas Ali Umar (National University of Malaysia, Malaysia)
  5. Dr. Carlene Arceo (The University of Philippines, Philiphines)
  6. Dr. Peter C. Taylor (Murdoch University, Australia)
  7. Mohamed Helmy Khafagy (Fayoum University,,Egypt)
  8. Dr. Hans-Dieter Barke (Muenster University, German)

The conference also proudly present  six invited speakers

  1. Dr. Asep Kuswandi (UNPAD, Indonesia)
  2. Dr. Liliasari (UPI, Indonesia)
  3. Herawati Susilo, Ph.D (UM, Indonesia)
  4. Isnaeni, Ph.D (LIPI, Indonesia)
  5. Sri Fatmawati, Ph.D (ITS, Indonesia)
  6. Setia Pramana, Ph.D (STIS, Indonesia).

On the sidelines of the conference will be held the tour to visit Taman Mini Indonesia Indah, a place that represents Indonesia, where we can see the diversity and culture of ethnic groups in Indonesia.


Conferences can be held because of the support and cooperation of the various parties. The  appreciation dedicated to  Rector, Vice Rectors, deputy of mathematics and science faculty, the dean and all vice deans, rector and all vice rectors also head of mathematics and science department in Universitas Negeri Jakarta for the support. The outstanding work from committee members for their hard work for commitment and dedication in organizing this conference.


Special thanks to great sponsors who have supported this conference activities:

  1. Bank DKI
  2. Bank Negara Indonesia
  3. Bank Mandiri
  4. Bank Tabungan Negara
  5. Kin
  6. Grafindo


Profuse thanks to all the presenters, participants, student volunteers all other people who have directly or indirectly contributed to make SMIC 2018 a success. Various parties that can not mention one by one which has supported the conference. Hopefully this activity brings benefits not only for participants, but also all the representing countries, as well as scientific and technology education development.


The link for photos, videos, and speakers’ presentations



Speakers’ presentation:


Thank you

SMIC 2018 Committee

Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Science