Science and Mathematics International Conference (SMIC) 2018

Lumire Hotel and Convention Centre, Jakarta, Indonesia
Friday-Sunday: 2-4 November 2018

Theme: Empowering Research and Education in Science and Mathematics for Global Competitiveness

Globalization processes have linked education to technological and economic development, including in science and mathematics. In this times of globalization, international academic contact and collaboration is ever increasing. Within the global educational system, every individual or society must operate within the world order to meet the challenges of globalization. They are taking many forms, from international conferences and publications, student and academic exchanges, cross cultural research projects and curriculum development to professional development activities and affect every aspect of academic life from teaching, research to service. With the development of computer and internet technology which has made such globalization possible, the nature of teaching and learning is changing from traditional learning to digital learning methods. The change from teacher-centered to learner-centered education has created a close connection between knowledge construction and reflective action among students and the need to embrace information technologies.

Science and mathematics play important roles in the development of a nation. The challenges are: how to build the mindset of the next generation taking part in this development. Science and Mathematics International Conference aims to bring together academics, scientist, students, postgraduate students and practitioners to share and discuss theoretical and practical knowledge of problems, new trends and applications in science and mathematics. This international conference is organized by the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Universitas Negeri Jakarta, Indonesia which will take place on 2nd – 4th November 2018, in Jakarta, Indonesia. The scope of the conference includes Science, Mathematics, and its applications. The conference theme is Empowering Research and Education in Science and Mathematics for Global Competitiveness.







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