The Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Universitas Negeri Jakarta held an international conference at the Avenzel Hotel and Convention Center, Cibubur, Bekasi (07/09).

This year, SMIC brought the title “Emerging Post Pandemic: Trends of Research and Education in Mathematics and Science”. This event invited 12 speakers in the fields of mathematics, natural sciences, and science education. Eight countries joined the agenda (France, Japan, Turkey, Taiwan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, and Austria).

The Rector of UNJ, Professor Komarudin, said this conference was very useful in finding solutions to life after the Covid-19 pandemic. He hopes that the results of this research can bring about change and transformation for the better. The Dean of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences UNJ, Professor Muktiningsih, said that the international conference was part of the realization of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences’ vision as a leading place in Asia, which also can facilitate to share of findings and inspire all participants. Thus, this conference could be one the contributions to improving the quality of research and publications of our lecturers and students

Chairman of SMIC 2022, Sri Rahayu, M. Biomed., stated that instead of facilitating various research findings, this conference also brought together academics, practitioners, industry, and students. They interacted with each other to advance their knowledge. In addition, Sri explained that this conference had succeeded in gathering 200 research results from eight countries (Australia, Fiji, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Nigeria, the Philippines, and Taiwan), which will be published as proceeding in American Institute of Physics (AIP).

During the event, two sessions were delivered on plenary and parallel.  The plenary session was done in the main room where 4 keynote speakers presented their ideas. Starting from Prof. Neil Dodgson Ph.D. (Victoria University, New Zealand), Ong Yann Shiou Ph.D. (Nanyang Technological University, Singapore), Prof. Dr. Hesham Ali El-Enshasy (University of Technology Malaysia, Malaysia), and Prof. Dr. Muktiningsih (Universitas Negeri Jakarta, Indonesia). Meanwhile, the invited speakers who took place in parallel rooms were:

Parallel session 1, Prof. Yusaku Fujii, Ph.D. (Gunma University, Japan), Prof. Dr. Siti Zubaidah, M.Pd. (Universitas Negeri Malang, Indonesia), Prof. Jungshan Chang, Ph.D. (Taipei Medical University, Taiwan).

Parallel session 2, Prof. Abdallah Makhoul, Ph.D. (University of Franche Comté, France), Assoc. Prof. Dr. Bekir Yildirm (Mus Alparslan University, Turkey), Prof. Dr. Jalifah Binti Latip (Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, Malaysia), Prof. Dr. Ir. Sudarsono, M.Sc. (IPB University, Indonesia).

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