Internasional Student

Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences (FMIPA), Universitas Negeri Jakarta (UNJ) invites the international students for the Bachelor and Master’s Degree of Education and Science in Mathematics and Natural Science Field starting in the 2023/2024 academic year. This class is designed to provide opportunities for foreign students to study in the FMIPA UNJ with Indonesian and English as the languages ​​of instruction during study.

Study Programs for Bachelor Degree

NoProgramName of Study ProgramNational AccreditationCertificateValid untilInternational Accreditation
1Bachelor in EducationMathematics EducationA (BAN-PT)2518/SK/BAN-PT/Ak-PPJ/S/IV/2021 2026-04-29Submitting for ASIIN
2Bachelor in EducationPhysics EducationB (BAN-PT)6621/SK/BAN-PT/Akred/S/X/2020)2025-10-20Submitting for ASIIN
3Bachelor in EducationChemistry EducationA (BAN-PT)8501/SK/BAN-PT/Ak-PPJ/S/IV/2020 2025-12-20Certified ASIIN
4Bachelor in EducationBiology EducationA (BAN-PT)2202/SK/BAN-PT/Ak-PPJ/S/IV/2021 2026-04-16 Certified ASIIN
5Bachelor in MathematicsMathematicsBaik Sekali (Lamsama)Nomor 024/SK/LAMSAMA/Akred/S/V/20232028-05-04 Submitting for ASIIN
6Bachelor in SciencePhysicsUnggul (Lamsama)032/SK/Lamsama/Akred/S/V/20232028-05-19 Submitting for ASIIN
7Bachelor in ScienceChemistryUnggul (Lamsama)Nomor 014/SK/Akred/S/III/20232028-03-20Certified ASIIN
8Bachelor in ScienceBiologyUnggul (Lamsama)029/SK/Lamsama/Akred/S/V/20232028-05-19Certified ASIIN
9Bachelor in StatisticsStatisticsBaik Sekali (Lamsama)0 1 8/ SK/LAMSAMA/Akr ed / S I II I 20232028-03-27
10Bachelor in ComputerComputer ScienceB (BAN-PT)1673/SK/BAN-PT/Akred/S/VII/2018 2023-07-03

Study Programs for Master Degree

NoProgramName of Study ProgramNational AccreditationCertificateValid untilInternational Accreditation
-1-2-2-3(4) -5-6
1Master in EducationMathematics EducationBaik Sekali (BAN-PT)3459/SK/BAN-PT/Akred/M/VI/2022 (07 Juni 2022)2027-06-07Submitting for ASIIN
2Master in EducationPhysics EducationB (BAN-PT)1351/SK/BAN-PT/Akred/M/V/2019 (07 Mei 2019)2024-05-07Submitting for ASIIN
3Master in EducationChemistry EducationB (BAN-PT)8825/SK/BAN-PT/Ak/M/XI/2022 (1 November 2022)2027-11-27 Certified ASIIN
4Master in EducationBiology EducationBaik Sekali (BAN-PT)4364/SK/BAN-PT/Akred/M/VII/2022 (12 Juli 2022)2027-07-12Certified ASIIN

Requirements for Bachelor

  1. Graduated from Senior High School (SMA/SMK/MA) in 2021, 2022, and 2023 that proved by the certificate (ijazah).
  2. Must take Bahasa Indonesia UKBI test (Indonesian Language Proficiency Test) that provided by UNJ Language  Center (UPT Layanan Bahasa UNJ).
  3. Pass in written test and interview.
  4. Fullfill all the requirements from UNJ Admission Office. 

Requirement for Master

  1. Graduated from Bachelor degree (proved by the certificate) in accordance with the field of applied master degree.
  2. Academic transcript of Bachelor
  3. passport
  4. Recommendation letter

Registration Fee

Pay registration fee with money transfer to the following account number :

Registration fee       : To Be Announced
Bank Name              : BNI
Account Name          : RPL 008 BLU UNJ UTK OPS PENERIMAAN USD
Account No.             : 1669977818


  1. The candidates create the account in admission web and fill all the document and information. 
  2. The candidates pay the registration fee in authorized Bank.
  3. The candidate print the test card.

Admission Test

  1. The candidates take the written and interview for the selection via online or offline.
  2. The candidates provide the test card and id card during the test.

Material Test

  1. Scholastic Potential Test (TPS): Verbal, Logical and Numeric
  2. English Test (Test of English Prediction) Minimum Score 450
  3. Interview in Bahasa Indonesia and English


RegistrationMay 8 – July 14, 2023
Implementation of the Scholastic Potential TestJuly 15, 2023
Implementation of the English TestJuly 16, 2023
Interview in EnglishJuly 17, 2023
Announcement of Selection ResultsJuly 26, 2023
Re-registrationJuly 31 – August 16, 2023
Academic Introduction PeriodAugust 28, 2023
First Day of ClassAugust 28, 2023

Study Period

The study of first semester in academic year of 2023/2024 will start  in September 2023 until February 2024