Studium Generale (SG) is a regular webinar agenda in the annual work program of the Statistics Study Program FMIPA UNJ. SG's theme for 2021 is “Data Science, Still Sexy”. Many definitions of data science still have a misunderstanding of meaning. Data science requires strong fundamentals and deep understanding before declaring status as a data scientist in an institution or company. Thus, the purpose of the Studium Generale activities in 2021 is to introduce the definition of data science and the implementation of specific multidisciplinary sciences that can extract knowledge or insights from the data itself.

The 2021 Studium Generale activities will be held on Wednesday, November 10, 2021 at 09.00 WIB using the Zoom Meeting platform. The number of participants who attended were 175 participants of which 90.3% came from Jakarta State University and 9.7% came from other agencies.

The speakers at the Studium Generale 2021 are Hardi Saputra, S. ST, M.Prof. Studs who is Group Vice President, Data & AI Fazz Financial Group. The types of activities in SG are in the form of lectures (general lectures) as well as interactive discussions between participants and resource persons.

The event was moderated by Dania Siregar, S.Stat., M.Si. who is also a lecturer in the UNJ Statistics study program. The event was not only attended by statistics study program students, but as many as 13% of the participants came from other study programs.


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