The Biology Laboratory provides services in the form of using tools and materials not only to the campus internal community (students and lecturers) but also to the general public such as lecturers or external students and researchers. For the general public, the use of tools and materials for now is limited to research activities and the tools used may not leave the Biology Laboratory (tools cannot be borrowed for activities in the field/outside the Biology Laboratory). The service for the use of equipment outside the laboratory can temporarily only be used by the internal community (biology students and lecturers). For those who require the use of tools and materials in the Biology Laboratory, they should follow the following procedure:

(Make sure to check the availability of tools and materials in the Biology Laboratory Inventory before filling in the data)

Practical Activities

  1. Fill out the form for using tools and materials that have previously been discussed with the practicum instructor. Filling out the form is done 7 days before the practicum begins.
    The form can be filled out by pressing the “add” button here.
  2. Confirm and coordinate with PLP (Educational Laboratory Institution) for the process of implementing activities up to 4 days before practicum activities
  3. Prepare practicum tools and materials a maximum of D-1 before the activity is carried out
  4. If the preparation of tools and materials is carried out on the practical day, they will not be served.

General Public (Students, Lecturers outside of Biology UNJ and Researchers)

  1. Make a letter addressed to the Head of the Biology Laboratory of UNJ by conveying the intent and purpose. The letter is an official letter from the institution where the applicant works / studies.
  2. Fill out the form for the use of tools and materials which are then used as consideration by the Head of the Laboratory to approve or not.
    The form can be filled out here.
  3. The Biology Laboratory will confirm via email.
  4. Coordinate with PLP (Educational Laboratory Institution) for the process of implementing activities by visiting the biology laboratory in the Hasyim As’jarie Building, 9th Floor, Campus A UNJ or via email

Internal Society (UNJ Biology Lecturers and Students)

  1. Apply for a loan at least ten days before the activity starts, make sure the equipment is complete and meets your needs.
  2. Fill out the form for using laboratory equipment to borrow here.
  3. Pick up the completed form at GHA floor 9 on D+2 after filling in the form to be signed by the supervisor and head of the laboratory.
  4. Submit the form that has been approved by the head of the laboratory to the PLP at least five days before the equipment is collected.
  5. Coordinate with PLP for the process of implementing research activities.

» Use of Integrated Laboratory Instruments.

  1. To use the instrument, you must fill in the data at least a day before use.
  2. Pengisian data dapat dilakukan disini.
  3. When you want to fill out a loan, make sure the time you use the tool does not conflict with what you have previously filled in by selecting the tool you want to use.
  4. Fill in the instrument usage data by pressing the “Add” button
  5. Confirm with PLP when you want to use the tool.