The scope of management of the FMIPA OSHE Unit is:

1. OSHE management of offices, lecture rooms and public areas (GHA floors 1-6, GDS floor 6).

This management area is concentrated in the Gedung Hasjim Asjarie and is the area with the largest number of people, including all lecturers, lab staff, administrations, students, contractors, and visitors. On floors 1-6 of the GHA, mass concentrations can be very high, so understanding and mitigating emergencies is quite a focus in this management area.

2. Laboratory OSHE management (GHA floor 6—10; GDS floor 5, ex BAAK, campus B).

The scope of this management area is in 3 different locations: GHA floors 7-10, GDS floor 5, ex BAAK floors 1-3 and Campus B floors 1-3. At these four locations, the characteristics of users are lecturers, laboratory staff and practicum students and research students. The number of external visitors and administration staff are quite small at these locations. The type of management in this management field is related to laboratory OSHE standards.


3. Environmental K3L management (GHA, ex BAAK and campus B) to reach a goal as green faculty.

An important focus in realizing a green university/faculty, for example based on the UI Greenmetric standards, is the sustainability of campus organizational activities in terms of energy, waste, and water. In the field of environmental management, these three focuses are important focuses in addition to several other focuses that can be designed and implemented at FMIPA, both in indoor infrastructure and activities and outdoor infrastructure and activities.