Subject Matter

CodeSubject MatterDescriptionsCourse 
SM1General Knowledge of Science, Personality, Social and Culture, Leadership, and EntrepreneurshipThe scope of study material includes the study of religion, Pancasila, civic education, social sciences, culture, languages, scientific philosophy, leadership, and entrepreneurship.1. Indonesia Language
2. Education Overview
3. Pancasila
4. Olympism
5. Civic Education
6. Religion
7. Logic and Reasoning
8. Entrepreneurship
SM2Classical and Modern Physics, Electronics and InstrumentationThe scope of the study material in theory and practice as well as measurement rules includes material for classical physics studies (mechanics, thermodynamics, electrodynamics, oscillations, waves, and optics) and modern physics studies (modern, quantum, atomic and molecular, atomic nuclei, and solids), complemented by electronics studies and instrumentation.1. Classical Mechanics
2. Modern Physics
3. Modern Physics Practicum
4. Electronics
5. Electronics Practicum
6. Wave
7. Electricity and Magnetism
8. Quantum Physics
9. Thermodynamics
10. Introduction to Solid State Physics
11. Introduction to Nuclear Physics
12. Earth and space physics
13. Environmental Physics Education
14. Statistical physics
15. Solid matter physics
16. Quantum mechanics
17. Electromagnetic field theory
18. Digital electronics
19. Digital electronics Practicum
20. Sensor technology
SM3Elementary Science, Mathematics, and ComputingThe scope of study materials in theory and simulation as well as practice includes study materials for basic physics, general chemistry, general biology, mathematical theorems of calculus, mathematical physics and algorithms, programming, and computational physics.1. Basic Physic I
2. Basic Physic Practicum I
3. Basic Physics II
4. Basic Physics Practicum II
5. General Chemistry
6. General Biology
7. Introduction to Information Technology
8. Calculus I
9. Calculus II
10. Mathematical Physics I
11. Mathematical Physics II
12. Big Data and Programming
13. Computational Physics
14. Computational Physics Practicum
SM4Physics Education and Learning SkillsThe scope of the study material includes theoretical and practical studies in the basic fields and educational skills and learning Physics by utilizing science and technology.1. Student Development
2. Learning theory and learning 
3. Foundation of education 
4. Curriculum analysis
5. Development of Physics Learning Media
6. Teaching Materials Development
7. Teaching Experience
8. Teaching skills
9. ICT-based learning of Physics  
10. English for Teaching
SM5Research, Evaluation and Scientific DevelopmentThe scope of study material includes research methodology including reports and publications using science and technology based on evaluation techniques and scientific development related to physics education.1. Learning assessment
2. Science learning strategy
3. Science learning design
4. Special topics in school physics
5. Laboratory management
6. Environmental Studies in Physics Learning
7. Research Method for Education 
8. Statistics for Research
9. Undergraduate Pre-Thesis Seminar
10. Undergraduate Thesis