Workload and Credit

The load of one credit (SKS) for Bachelor and Master program courses in tertiary institutions is determined based on government laws and regulations (Permenristekdikti number 44 (2015) and Permendikbud Number 3 (2020)) and UNJ Chancellor’s Decree (Chancellor’s Decree: 1435/UN39/HK .02/2021). One credit for the Bachelor program consists of face-to-face meetings (50 minutes/week), structured assignments (60 minutes/week), and independent assignments (60 minutes/week). In other words, one credit is equivalent to 170 minutes or 2.83 hours of work with the duration of one semester being 16 weeks. Thus, the total hours in one semester is 45.33 hours. If converted into the ECTS system, with a total of 3 hours per meeting, the total number of hours for 10 meetings is equivalent to 30 hours. So that one SKS credit is equivalent to 1.5 ECTS (45.33 hours divided into 30 hours). Total credits for undergraduate students to graduate for 8 semesters (4 academic years) is a minimum of 144 credits (216 ECTS).

Student credits load per semester is determined by considering individual competencies, interests and talents. Provisions for the number of credits that students can take each semester are determined based on academic rules by taking into account the student’s achievement (Grade Point Average) in the previous semester. Semester GPA (IPS) scores will be awarded at the end of the semester, and the final Grade Point Average (GPA) will be determined based on the IPS for each semester. Based on the IPS of the previous semester, students can consider the maximum credits load for the following semester based on their competence. Student study plans for each semester must obtain approval from the academic supervisor. The expected study load for students is 19-22 credits per semester. For students who get IPS more than 3.5 can take a maximum of 24 credits in the next semester. Following are the rules for the credits per semester that students can take in relation to the previous semester’s IPS scores as shown in the following table.

Semester GPAMaximum Credit
for the following semester (Credits)
2.00 – 2.7420 credits
2.75 – 3.2922 credits
≥ 3.3024. credits