Programme Educational Objectives

The PEO (Programme Educational Objectives) of Bachelor of Physics Education Study Programme

The PEO of the Bachelor of Physics Education Study Programme is to have graduates as Physics Teacher, Physics Laboratory Manager, and Entrepreneur. The graduates are expected to have the ability to: 

  1. Have excellent pedagogical knowledge, with cognitive, interpersonal, and intrapersonal competencies and capable to solve problems in physics teaching and learning and its applications by utilizing ICT.
  2. Master theoretical and practical physics concepts as well as pedagogical concepts in the field of physics education.
  3. Work as an educator who is professional, qualified, competitive, and innovative in science and physics teaching and learning through mastery of theoretical concepts and practical applications, capable to analyse, research, and involve learning models with ICT-based learning tools that appropriate for physics and science education.
  4. Pursue a higher level of education in Indonesia or abroad to develop science, technology, and expertise in physics education and its applications.
  5. Have scientific knowledge, skills, entrepreneurship, sportsmanship honesty, and integrity to develop themselves in society as edutechnopreneur practitioners.
  6. Have expertise as a research assistant in Physics Education with article published in national or international journals.