NameYearSchemeResearch Title
1Dr. Fera Kurniadewi, M.Si2019BLU FMIPAPotential of Active Compounds from Muntingia calabura Plants as Antioxidants and Antitumors
DiktiSynthesis of Active Compounds From Cryptocarya morotaiense (Lauraceae) as Antitumors
2020BLU UniversityPotential of Active Phenolic Compounds From Nangkadak Plants (MORACEAE) as Anticancer
2021BLU FMIPAExploration of flavonoid compounds from the artocarpus plant as antioxidants and anticancer
2Dr. Hanhan Dianhar, M.Si2019BLU FMIPAHantzsch synthesis, key reagent in the hydrogenation transfer reaction of calcon . derivatives
2020BLU FMIPASynthesis of Dihydrochalcone through Hydrogenation Transfer: Development of an Eco-Friendly Organic Molecular Synthesis Method
2021BLU FMIPABiosynthesis of Calcon Derivatives by the Maos Method (Microwave Assisted Organic Synthesis) and its antibacterial activity
3Elsa Vera Nanda, S.Pd., M.Si2020BLU FMIPAValidation and Determination of Curcumin Levels in Herbs Gendong Kunyit Asam Sold in the Sawangan Region, Depok Using High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) Method
2021BLU FMIPAExtraction of Astaxanthin from Shrimp Shell Flour with Nades Solvent and Antioxidant Test