NoNameYearSchemeResearch Title
1Yussi Pratiwi, S.Pd., M.Sc2021BLU FMIPAThe Effectiveness of Using Zn and Spongy Cadmium Reducing Powder on the validation of nitrite and nitrate analysis methods in bread samples through UV-VIS spectrophotometry
2Dr. Moersilah, M.Si2019BLU FMIPASynthesis of Iron Oxide-Bentonite Nanocomposites and their application as high performance absorbers for heavy metal ions CO2+ and CD4+
3Dr. Moersilah, M.Si2020BLU FMIPADevelopment of Chemical Sensor Membranes for Co(II) Analysis With Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) Matrix Using DOP And NPOE Plasticizers
4Dr. Moersilah, M.Si2021BLU FMIPAPolyvinylchloride based colorimetric sensor with immobilized i-nitroso-2 naphthol for cobalt determination