Researcher Profile

NoProfileLecturersResearch TopicPublication Link
1Prof. Dr. Muktiningsih, M.Si.Biochemistry and BiotechnologySINTA
2Irma Ratna Kartika, M.Sc.Biochemistry and Synthesis ChemistrySINTA
3Irwan Saputra, Ph.D.Biochemistry and Biotechnology

Research Grants

No.NameYearSchemeResearch Title
1Prof. Dr. Muktiningsih, M.Si2019BLU UniversityPrototype Development of Typhus Disease Detection Tool with Antigen Capture and Antibody Capture Approach
2019DiktiDevelopment of a Rapid Kit Model for Detecting Foodborne Pathogens at the Genomic Level
2020DiktiDevelopment of Professional FLIP PDF Electronic Module on Carbohydrate Materials to Improve Students' Critical Thinking Ability Using Number Head Together Learning Model in Organic Chemistry Course
2020DiktiDevelopment of Protein Sructure and Function E-Modules to Improve Critical Thinking Students of Chemical Study Program FMIPA UNJ
2020DiktiThe Effect of STEAM Approach on Science Literature and Student Learning Motivation on Complex Compound Materials with Simple Spectrophotometers
2020DiktiProtein Metabolism E-Module Development Using Professional Flip PDF Application to Improve Critical Thinking with 5E Learning Cycle Approach
2020DiktiDevelopment of a Rapid Kit Model for Detecting Foodborne Pathogens at the Genomic Level
2020BLU UniversityDevelopment of Typhus Disease Detection KIT Prototype Based on Immunochromatography Gold Nanoparticles
2021BLU UniversityDevelopment of Prototype Kit Detection of Foodborne Pathogen Disesases Using Real Time PCR Method
2022-2023DiktiDevelopment of Toxicity Caused Bacteria Detection Methods in Infant Milk, Seafood, Meat, and Vegetables with Real-Time PCR Method
2022-2023BLU UniversityPrototype Kit for Detection of Foodborne Pathogens Diseases with the Real-Time Polymerase Chain Reaction Method
2022-2023BRINDevelopment of Prototype Kit for Detection of Food Poisoning Bacteria in Rice, Meat, and Mushroom
2Irma Ratna Kartika, M.Sc Tech2022BLU FMIPASynthesis of Combined Compounds of Octanoic Acid and Vitamin C Acetonide as Antioxidants
2023BLU FMIPAEvaluation of Tocopherol Derivatives as Candidates for Anticancer Compounds

Research Roadmap

The detection method developed by the UNJ Salmonella team is based on Nucleic Acid-Based methods (genomics). It utilizes a template hybridization process with primers or short nucleotide strands as its complements using the Real-time Polymerase Chain Reaction (Real-Time PCR) technique. The advantages of nucleic-acid-based assays include high specificity and sensitivity results, short time to results process, and better detection quality. The PCR method is still powerful and is widely used in detecting food pathogenic bacteria in the food industry and the pharmaceutical industry.

Documentation of Salmonella Team

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